Chat App
early mockups for a chat startup
Grasswire v2
Grasswire v2 - a more focused and bold effort to allow anyone to edit the news live.
Grasswire v1
Mockups that represent the initial effort to create an improved UX for the growing Grasswire community.
Grasswire iOS Mockup
iOS design focused on an immersive reading experience.
Grasswire Mobile
Mobile design for the Grasswire app.
SimpleNexus Corporate Web
Interface and web design for telling the SimpleNexus story.
SimpleNexus iOS
iOS UI design for SimpleNexus customers to use to calculate mortgages, start application process, upload personal documents and allow loan officers to facilitate faster loans
Bombora and a water sport brand. This project was to create a compelling and exciting interface.
Produced interface design for Gobi, a startup off-roading brand.
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