I live in Arizona and work as a product and design leader with passion for mentoring. You can find me mentoring @adplist. Alum of @USUAggies. Formerly worked @Carvana, @KeapGrowing, and @mybetteragency.


I’m passionate about building great teams that build great products that people love to use.

I’ve been in the product and design space for many years and worked at very small startups and large corporations. Today, I am excited to explore new opportunities that lie ahead. From the beginning I’ve loved teaching and mentoring and hope one day to return to that full time. Feel free to schedule some time with me and I’ll do my best to help.





Case Studies

Case Studies


Jonathan played a pivotal role in shaping our product strategy and leading our development efforts, driving significant growth and innovation. He is a highly skilled product leader with a keen eye for market trends and user needs. If you're looking for someone who can bring strategic insight and a dynamic approach to your product team, I highly recommend Jonathan!

Sierra Dommin CEO, Busy Bees

I've worked professionally with Jonathan for over 10 years. During that time, I've seen him come up with elegant solutions for really tough problems. And through it all, he remained focused, friendly and diligent. Jonathan is a problem solver. He's a thinker. He's a team builder.

Brian Neff CEO, Follow-Up

I've worked with Jon on close to a dozen different creative projects. His well of creativity runs deep - and the quality of his deliverables is top notch. I've found Jon to be very unique in that he's an excellent communicator and very open to iterative feedback during the creative process - while at the same time he's not willing to compromise the ultimate quality of the deliverable. Jon strikes this tricky balance better than anyone else I know. If you are looking for a creative professional that's easy to work with and is also a design and UX/UI powerhouse - look no further than Jon Bond

Jeff Terry Principle Consultant, Ensighten

Reviews from Mentees

Jonathan Bond, the very man who inspired me to get into product design a decade ago. This is the guy you want working on your product, trust me.

Alex Bateman Design Manager, Eaze

It was such a pleasure to chat with Jonathan. He provided so many valuable insights in a short time. I shared what I was looking for and after asking some questions, he was hyper-focused on delivering personalized suggestions. He had a holistic perspective on the feedback and covered a wide range of possible solutions. It's clear he knows a lot about a lot of things and I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to connect with him.

Anushka Associate PM

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